AC Tech Alumni
Objectives of the AEC

1.Grow Entrepreneurs of ACTech through networking, knowledge sharing, and business opportunities.
2.Encourage students to Entrepreneurship & Start-ups.
3.Create opportunities for Internship, jobs and relevant projects as well as finding the talents for start-ups.
4.Transform Faculty research and industry participation through patents, new product / process development and Licensing.
5.Bring together Angel Investors, VCs, Entrepreneurs and create a formidable eco system for start-ups at ACTech.
6.Celebrate, recognize entrepreneurs of ACTech for their contribution towards nation building.


Ramesh Rajasekeran  – Chair

B.Tech Chemical -1999

Rajini Jaipaul – Co Chair
B.Tech Chemical-1997
Duraisamy Rajan Palani
B.Tech Textile-1999
Dr Balu Ranganathan
Senthil Arcot
B.Tech Leather-1997
Jeya Naveen Kumar
B.Tech Chemical 2017
Elangovan Amirthalingam
B.Tech chemical -1976
Akshayah S
B.Tech chemical -2019
Student Adviser
Dr. Brinda Lakshmi