ACTAA-FFE Centralised Students Scholarship Fund (Donors)

Dear Alumni colleagues,
Greetings to you from Actech Alumni Association.
Our alumni have been requesting for a centralised system of fund collection and selection of deserving students for scholarships in a transparent method.

You may be aware about the recent launch of the ACTAA – FFE Student Scholarship Fund in association with Foundation For Excellence (FFE), a non-profit organisation specialising in selecting students for scholarship and in addition providing the skill training and mentorship until they are settled in their career.

We are pleased to share the links of the ACTAA – FFE Scholarship Fund form with all the details of payment methods and bank details for payment in INR and US$.

The funds collected will be maintained Batch-wise and the student names sponsored by each batch will be published on our website.

We invite all alumni to participate in this noble endeavor and contribute to their maximum extent possible.

Note: The scholarship amount will be Rs.50,000 per student per year and Rs.2,00,000 for the four years of graduation.

Warm regards
A Elangovan
President, ACTAA

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