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Department Of Chemical Engineering

The Department of Chemical Engineering was established in 1944 under the University of Madras. In 1978, the department was transferred to the newly formed Anna University. Research activities in the department were initiated way back in the year 1947 and several pioneering research works were carried out by stalwarts like Dr. G. S. Laddha. Research was carried out in the conventional areas of Chemical Engineering. Now, the areas of research have moved in line with developments in the chemical process industries. Read More….

Department of Textile Technology

The Department of Textile Technology was established in the year 1945 at Alagappa College of Technology under the University of Madras with the purpose of providing world-class education in the field of Textile Technology. The Department has industrial and academic collaboration on specialized areas of study and this has positioned the institution as the harbinger of progressive changes and innovations. Read More….

AC Tech Alumni
AC Tech Alumni

Department of Leather Technology

Department of Leather Technology is to become a premier center of learning and research in Leather and Allied Technology. It also provides quality education in the area of Leather Technology with high
professional values. To share and disseminate the expertise to provide solutions for the problems faced by
the Leather industry. Leather Technology also helps to build an expertise-based capsule of delivering technology to leather and allied sectors. To provide a learning ambience for innovators, researchers and technologists. Read More….

Department of Biotechnology

The Department of Biotechnology is committed to evolving as a world-class Science and Technology Centre by integrating quality and ethics in teaching and research. Read More….

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AC Tech Alumni

Department of Ceramic Technology

In the emerging scenario, advanced ceramic materials have become increasingly important due to their better tailor-made properties, longer life and lower costs. The growth of ceramic industry in India during the past fifty years is commendable. Realizing the urgent need and demand for trained manpower required for the ceramic industries in India. Read More…

Crystal Growth centre

The objectives of the centre are to continuously upgrade the research activities and to contribute in the frontier areas of research and technology relevant to crystal growth and characterisation. The centre had implemented several major national research programs supported by National funding agencies such as DST , DAE, DRDO, UGC, ISRO, MNES, DOE, BRNS, IUAC, CSIR, Tamil Nadu Government etc. The mandate of the centre was also to promote the research interests of the researchers from all over India under the visitors program. Read More….

AC Tech Alumni
AC Tech Alumni

Department of Applied science Technology

Department of Applied Science and Technology, A.C TECH, thrives to accomplish its vision of developing dexterous and proficient students along with a promising and challenging career. Read More….

Centre for Nano Science and Technology

The Centre for Nanoscience and Technology was established at Anna University in 2005. The centre has been actively pursuing research in various aspects of Nanoscience and Technology including Chemical, Mechanical and Bio-Synthesis of nanomaterials like semiconductor nanostructures, nanocrystalline thin films, carbon nanotubes and nanofibres, metallic nano adhesives, polymer based nanocomposites, nanostructured ferroic materials, etc. Read More…

AC Tech Alumni